Issue 32

Issue 32 is now available to view free of charge or to purchase a downloadable copy here from our website. You can purchase hard copies of up to issue 30 through our store. We hope you enjoy Issue 32. Click the following link to view the latest issue of the magazine –  

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Digital Magazines

diesel n dust magazine digital copyYou can now purchase a digital downloadable copy of  Diesel n Dust Magazine, the digital version is just like the hard copy. You can view the digital version directly on your computer screen. No need to go to the news agents to get the current issue or you can purchase back issues of most of our issues to read at your leisure from the comfort of your home. You can get Diesel n Dust Magaizine in many ways, the choice is yours.

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About Diesel n Dust

Diesel n Dust Magazine is published 4 times a year in March, June, September and December. The Digital version of the magazine is available to be purchased as a download or if you are just wanting to flip through you can view the digital magazine free of charge by clicking on the Digital Magazine click here button, this link will be updated with every new issue so if you are wanting to view the issue at a later date we recommend that you purchase the downloadable version.