Wild Dog Workshop & Marksmanship Challenge

Diesel n Dust Magazine will be hosting a Wild Dog Workshop & Marksmanship Challenge event at Raglan Rifle Range Queensland over the weekend of Saturday the 24th & Sunday 25th June, 2017. Workshops will comprise of up to date and current best practice of wild dog management techniques: new and existing technologies, Developing an integrated wild dog management program: using all the tools in the tool box, Long range accuracy and reloading, Trapping, Baiting and Infrared and thermal imaging. Marksmanship Challenge events will comprise of 50 metre rimfire, 100 metre rimfire, 150 metre rimfire, 300 metre centrefire, 400 metre centrefire and 500 metre centrefire.  To obtain an information kit for the event please email: diesel.n.dust@bigpond.com